The only national event of its kind, NAEHCY’s annual conference provides professional development and networking opportunities for over 1,000 attendees.

2015 Conference Archive

Where: Phoenix Convention Center – South Building, Phoenix, Arizona
When: November 15-17, 2015

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Conference Program

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2015 Presentation Slides

Pre-Conference Sessions:

Bires, Hodges, Horn, Whitney: Young Homeless Children
Boss: Grant Proposals
Clough, Sequiera, Wilder: NEW McKinney Programs
Contreas, McCarthy, Schoonmaker: Immigrant Students, Part I
Contreas, McCarthy, Schoonmaker: Immigrant Students, Part II
Contreas, McCarthy, Schoonmaker: Immigrant Students, Part III
Dexter, Dickinson: Unaccompanied Youth 101
Dexter, Dickinson, Sincyr: Strategies for Helping Unaccompanied Youth
Duffield, Julianelle: McKinney Vento
Endres: Trauma Informed Strategies
Koester, Noble: Transition Education Programs
Lee, Martin: Successful Transition

Session I:

Adams: A Tool to Evaluate
Bardine Louttit: What Works
Bires: Building State Child Care Systems for Families
Duffield: About ESEA
Fan Chan: Homelessness and Foster Care
Ferraro: Cop Culture 101
Hershberger: Crafting Your Message
Kelly: Homestretch
Madrone: Transportation
McInerney: School Stability
Slaughter: Who What Who
Wengerd: Color Blind Approach

Session II:

Duffield: Educating Children and Youth
Firth: Storytelling and Toxic Stress
Giovengo: YouthCare YouthBuild
Gumina: Supporting Unaccompanied Youth
Hodges: Making Positive Impacts
Horn: Unmet Need Behind Behavior
McLaughlin: New Developments
Moore: Eligible or Not
Santos: Breaking the Cycle
Sulkowski: Community University Partnership
Wengerd: The Power of Story

Session III:

Bires: Promoting Early Development
Duffield: About ESEA
George: Serving Children, Youth, Families
Gordon: Resettling But Not Home
Hayes: Opening Doors
Heybach: Advocacy to Create Change
Lagana: Law Enforcement
Lee: Creating Pathways
Sheffel: Community Collaborations
Sullivan: Rural Homeless Education Programs
Thomas: Ending Youth Homelessness

Session IV:

Dukes: Trafficking Minors
Foust: Training Tool Kit
Hyatt: Changing Your States Laws
Jensen: Using Data
Kieffer: Tending to Toddlers
Kies Lowe: I Don’t Get No Respect
McInerney: Meeting Special Education Needs
Seul: Easing the Transition
Wigtil: Serving Unaccompanied Youth

Session V:

Cash: Elevated Risk
Cavender: Housing Unaccompanied Youth
Gendron: Quality in Programs
Gordon: Herding Cats
Hennigan: New Horizons
Julianelle: Launch the Frog
Kober: Assisting Children and Families
Kositsky: Partnerships
Lee: Creating Pathways
Lustig: TIPS
Nykwest: Family Homework Night
Ratekin: Youth Expo
Woodard Deputy: Identifying and Serving

Session VI:

Damerow: McKinney in the City
Dill: Worn Out Welcome Mat
Dowdy: Collaboration
Dukes: 411 Lounge
Faughnan: Tenant Based Rental Assistance
Gilbrough: SNAP, SSI, School Meals
Harlan: School Based Program
Hinde: Mobilizing Your Community
Julianelle: Roundtable Discussion
McGhee: Standards Based
Sauelle: Rallying Around Youth
Schmitz: Mindfulness
Scott: Rural School District

Session VII:

Davlos: Connecting Families and Resources
Erb Downward: Let the Numbers Speak
Espeland: Empowering Homeless Youth
Evans: COC Coordinated Entry
Farrell: Screening for Housing Instability
Hackett: More than ABCs
Horn: Leveraging Funds
Jensen: TAP into Teens
Seck: Transportation Transition

NAEHCY 2018 Conference
Anaheim, CA
October 27-30, 2018
The Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015
Homeless Students in ESEA Reauthorization
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