The value of a college degree is undisputed. A 2010 report from the College Board estimates that, among full-time workers, high school graduates earned a median annual income of $33,800; workers with an associate’s degree, $42,000; and, workers with a bachelor’s degree, $55,700.

Chapter 6 | Supporting Student Success in College

The series of Webpages that follows is excerpted from Chapter 6 of College Access and Success for Students Experiencing Homelessness: A Toolkit for Educators and Service Providers, available in its entirety at For a comprehensive discussion of the issue of supporting student success in college, download College Access and Success for Students Experiencing Homelessness: A Toolkit for Educators and Service Providers and reference Chapter 6 - Choosing a College, Appendix 6A - The Federal TRIO and GEAR-UP Programs, and Appendix 6B - College Success Resources for Students Experiencing Homelessness.

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introduction thought bubbleChapter 6, Part 1 | Introduction and Context
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For students experiencing homelessness, receiving a college acceptance letter is a joyous occasion; securing sufficient financial aid, scholarships, and resources to be able to attend college is an even greater cause for celebration. A sense of pride and hope for the future emerges as these students see that, despite their initial doubts and the barriers they have faced, their dreams for higher education are coming true. This sense of accomplishment is not without reason, as many college-bound homeless students have struggled through extreme financial hardship; residential and school instability; inadequate living arrangements; and, in the case of unaccompanied homeless youth, lack of adult support and encouragement along the path to college enrollment.

Educators and service providers who have been working with these youth will feel a similar sense of pride and joy when they see their students headed towards a bright future. This sense of joy, however, should be balanced with the knowledge that gaining college admission is only part of the battle for homeless youth. Perhaps the greater challenge lies in the student’s transitioning to college and working through to successful degree completion. Read on to learn more about supporting the educational success of college students experiencing homelessness.

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