Were you aware that 2/3 of adults experiencing homelessness have not received a high school diploma or completed a GED?

Unaccompanied Youth Toolkit for High School Counselors and McKinney-Vento Liaisons

Welcome to NAEHCY’s Unaccompanied Youth Toolkit* for High School Counselors and McKinney-Vento Liaisons. The following table of contents shows all the documents included in the Toolkit. Click on a document title to access it. 

Updated November 2016

Part 1: The Basics

1. McKinney-Vento 101

The basics of the McKinney-Vento Act’s Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program with a focus on unaccompanied homeless youth.

2. Protocol for Enrolling Unaccompanied Youth in School: Whom Do We Call? 

3. McKinney-Vento Identification Checklist for School Counselors 
Tips on how and why counselors can assist in identifying homeless students

Part 2: McKinney-Vento FAFSA Week

4. McKinney-Vento FAFSA Week
Get your ticket to your future! How to implement a McKinney-Vento FAFSA Week  

5. Sample Announcement for McKinney-Vento FAFSA Week
A sample announcement of a McKinney-Vento FAFSA week to be used in newsletters, web pages, social media, posters etc.

6. Talking Points for School Counselors for McKinney-Vento FAFSA Week
Tips for discrete, positive conversations with youth experiencing homelessness

7. Sample Letter for Seniors for McKinney-Vento FAFSA Week
Sample letter to go out to all high school seniors during MV-FAFSA week

8. PowerPoint Slides for Students for McKinney-Vento FAFSA Week
Some ideas to advertise and help students understand McKinney-Vento FAFSA Week, using quotes from students

9. Sample Letter and Script Outline for Teachers for McKinney-Vento FAFSA Week
Sample letter to teachers to introduce MV-FAFSA Week

Part 3: Assisting Homeless Unaccompanied Youth to College and Beyond

10. Obtaining Waivers for College Entrance Examinations and Application Fees
Basics on accessing waivers for ACT, SAT and college application fees

11. FAFSA basics
The basic provisions for homeless unaccompanied youth in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

12. Support for Unaccompanied Youth in College
How high school counselors can assist students to prepare to be successful in college

Part 4: Access to Basic Services Tip Sheets

13. Access to Medicaid for Unaccompanied Youth
Basic information about Medicaid and barriers for unaccompanied youth

14. Unaccompanied Youth’s Rights to Consent for Medical Treatment
Information about state laws that allow youth under 18 to consent for medical care

15. Access to Social Security Benefits for Unaccompanied Youth
Tips to help eligible youth access Social Security for youth with disabilities and youth who have lost a parent

16. Access to Temporary Aid for Needy Families (TANF) for Unaccompanied Youth
Tips for pregnant and parenting youth eligible for TANF

17. Access to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP/Food Stamps) for Unaccompanied Youth
Tips to help youth access SNAP benefits

18. Access to Shelter and Housing for Unaccompanied Youth
Basic information about barriers to youth accessing shelter and housing, with successful shelter models and tips for implementing them

* The Fine Print: Many of the topics covered in this Toolkit rely on individual state laws. While NAEHCY has attempted to provide the most complete, current, and accurate information possible, readers may wish to contact state agencies and/or legal aid directly for additional information and support. The Toolkit and its contents are not legal advice and should not be used as a substitute for obtaining professional legal advice.

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