Steven M. Neier’ background includes classroom teaching at the middle school level and working in system operations.  He has also served as an Assistant Dean in The School of Education at St. John’s University in New York.

Steve first learned of NAEHCY while conducting an independent study on McKinney-Vento during his educational leadership studies.  Encouraged to join a committee, he became a member of the Postsecondary Education Committee (previously Higher Education Committee) in 2015.  Steve later joined NAEHCY’s Board of Directors as Chair of the Higher Education Committee.  He loves NAEHCY and is inspired by the work of all of its members.

Working to raise awareness of students experiencing homelessness and McKinney-Vento, Steve presented a number of sessions to undergraduate Education students at St. John’s and to a national audience at the Kappa Delta Pi Conference in 2018.  As a member of the Vincentian Mission Institute at St. John’s, he collaborated with senior university leaders and colleagues at Niagara University and DePaul University to conduct a case study on college student homelessness.  He also served as the employee leader of two Campus Ministry spring break student plunges focused on urban poverty on Skid Row in Los Angeles.

Steve holds a Master of Science degree in School Building Leadership from St. John’s University (N.Y.), a Master of Arts degree in Theology from the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Secondary Education from St. John’s University (N.Y.).

Steve can be reached at or (404) 465-4979.