Gisela Cruz is the Scholarship and Professional Development Specialist at NAEHCY.

Gisela, who joined the team in June 2022, is a social worker and has spent much of her professional career assisting children and families in treatment planning, resource identification, and advocacy in several nonprofit agencies in North Georgia. She has worked with directors, stakeholders, and the community in creating programs needed to aid in mental health, food insecurity, and rebuilding families. In addition, she has provided direct clinical counseling services to mixed-status, uninsured, and Spanish-speaking clients.

Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science from the University of North Georgia and a Master of Social Work from the University of Georgia. She also looks forward to becoming a licensed clinical social worker in the near future.

During the weekend, Gisela spends her time chasing waterfalls, trying new cuisine, and photographing people.   Gisela can be reached at