Lakeshia Allen is a native of Hampton, South Carolina, and currently resides in Richmond, Virginia.  She is an alumni of Virginia State University where she pursued an interest in education and career and technical studies, to later receive her Master’s in Public Administration.  As a Director of Programs, with Assisting Families of Inmates, she supports families to smoothly connect with loved ones through video visitation, transportation, and the Milk & Cookies program, a program that gives therapeutic support to children by improving much needed resources and encouragement to their school success while their loved one is incarcerated.  Lakeshia focuses on inspiring and motivating the youth and adults who she may encounter and tailoring programs to meet their diverse interests, as well as demonstrating direct connections between the school and the community. Her passions include community development, health and wellness initiatives, and educational equity. Lakeshia’s goal is to always exhibit a true sense of hands-on change that Mahatma Gandhi spoke of when he said ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’

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