Membership to the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth is an annual membership.  New members are invited and accepted throughout the year, and memberships will be up for renewal based on the initial membership date.

Membership Benefits

  • Free unlimited access to the annual NAEHCY Conference videos following the conference.
  • Free or reduced cost access to NAEHCY webinars, including those offering continuing education credits.
  • Member communications on various topics, including policy updates.
  • Free or reduced cost access to NAEHCY Tool Kits and Resources/Guidance.
  • Discounts on technical assistance.
  • Opportunity to apply for service on a NAEHCY Committee as a committee member.
  • Opportunity to apply for service on the NAEHCY Board of Directors.
  • Full member voting rights. The annual membership meeting is held at the annual conference each year.

In addition, you will receive a membership certificate and a login to access the tool kits, videos, slides and other resources.

Membership Categories, Fees, and Forms



  • This annual membership option allows for 5 people from the same entity (company/school/district/etc.) to have individual annual memberships. The price for this option is the same whether or not all five slots are full at any given time.  The entity can change out the individual members, but the membership renewal date remains the same.
  • $200.00 for 12 months for 5 people.
  • Click here to select this option.


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