NAEHCY Scholars are academically determined and socially responsible. Every year, hundreds of students and youth from across the country apply to become NAEHCY Scholars.

The NAEHCY Scholars Program awards $5,000 scholarships annually to postsecondary students who have experienced homelessness and are actively pursuing their post-secondary education. Selected scholars are chosen from a pool of applicants who meet all eligibility criteria and submit all required materials by the deadline.

Selected scholars are invited, encouraged, and financially supported to attend NAEHCY’s annual conference (November) where they participate in enrichment and professional development activities, share their experiences with NAEHCY stakeholders, and participate in an awards ceremony. Beginning in 2025, NAEHCY Scholars will be invited to participate in two additional convenings designed to support their educational journey and provide personal and professional enrichment as well as mentorship opportunities.


Ensure homeless children and youth have access to the tools necessary to pursue and complete postsecondary education.


Encourage and invest in scholarship recipients while establishing an affirmative support network in order to prevent future homelessness and promote academic success.

Program Goals

  • Promote and provide financial support for postsecondary education;
  • Assure that youth have the information necessary to make sound financial decisions;
  • Lead a collaborative network of community and educational partners aligned to support student preparation, transition, and progression towards degree completion;
  • Develop a scholar association to provide mentoring and support to scholars throughout their college career; as well as transitioning into the workforce.

2024 Scholarship Application

The 2024 NAEHCY Scholarship Application is now open! Students, here’s what to do:

If you have any questions throughout the submission process, please contact us at scholarship@naehcy.org. Are you looking for additional scholarship resources? Let us help.